Code & Compliance Elite™

Code & Compliane EliteResponsible Distribution is NACD’s verification program that showcases members’ commitment to continuous improvement in every business process of chemical distribution. It is a condition of NACD membership and, as such, requirements must be met and managed.

While the traditional hard copy binder of documents provides one option, Kestrel Management has developed and is deploying a valuable tool—Code & Compliance Elite™ (CCE™)—to help chemical distributors more effectively manage Responsible Distribution, other management system (i.e., ISO 9001) requirements, and regulatory compliance obligations.

Valuable Management Tool

Kestrel has brought together our experience as a Responsible Distribution Adviser and NACD Preferred Regulatory Service Provider with our expertise developing and managing IT/IS systems to create CCE™. A valuable management tool, Kestrel’s CCE™ is designed to ensure that NACD member companies have an easy-to-use technology tool to effectively manage verification requirements.

CCE™ houses the Responsible Distribution Codes of Management Practice, compliance programs, and related documents to allow for efficient tracking and documentation. To enable ongoing compliance management, Kestrel also develops and maintains enhanced functionality and tools tailored to Responsible Distribution in CCE™, including:

Kestrel CCE Management Tool

Benefits of Technology

CCE is built on a relational database platform, which means it stores records according to how they relate to each other. With a relational database, users are able to search on multiple dimensions and effectively filter results. For CCE, this includes linking Codes to associated documents and owners to connect all applicable Responsible Distribution parts and procedures.

Using the relationship of similar data like this offers a number of benefits to end users:

  • Increases the speed and versatility of the database
  • Helps users quickly compare and find the information they want
  • Creates better access to more data
  • Improves overall utilization due to enhanced ease of use