dynaQ logoThe need for a systematic program to efficiently assess regulatory compliance is critical to maintain compliance and business continuity.

Businesses often use multiple tools to support a regulatory compliance program—one to capture field data and observations, one for reporting, another for follow-up tracking, and yet another for data roll-up and analysis. Since its creation, dynaQ™ has been an integral platform for reducing the effort and cost associated with managing company requirements and obligations across different departments (e.g., safety, environment, quality, food safety, operations, maintenance).

By applying dynaQ™ to traditional processes, clients satisfy internal and regulatory requirements, reduce operational risk, achieve continual improvement, and meet three fundamental business objectives:

  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Improve results

dynaQ™ Focus

The process and tools used to support an audit/inspection program may vary greatly among departments like safety, quality, and environmental. dynaQ™ integrates all those functions into one package that can be applied across all departments. The software can also be easily tailored to fit any company and integrates the latest mobile technology for unmatched collection efficiency.

The result is a resource that offers companies:

  • Intuitive program design that is easy to learn and use for employees at all levels
  • Accurate data collection at the point of discovery
  • In-field access to company policies and regulatory references
  • On-demand data retrieval and report generation
  • Data roll-up for analyzing patterns, trends, or best practices
  • Tracking of corrective action through closure

Collect, Report, & Measure, Track & Manage

dynaQ™ focuses on enhancing three essential elements of regulatory management:

dynaQ Focus

dynaQ™ Approach

The deployment of dynaQ™ is composed of software licensing and professional services associated with startup and successful implementation.

Professional Services

dynaQ approach professional services


dynaQonline™ is Kestrel’s cloud solution. dynaQonline™ is offered on a subscription basis (per user or per location). The software is maintained on servers with encryption and security measures that meet or exceed industry standards. All client data are maintained for confidentiality. Contact us for pricing information.

Mobile App

Kestrel’s dynaQ™ mobile app enables secure, cutting-edge data collection via smartphones and tablets (Android or iOS) anytime, anywhere. Through the app, users are able to create assessments and collect data in the field. The data are then automatically synchronized when a connection is made.

How It Works

dynaQ app iPhone

  • Questions, regulations, and other references created in dynaQ™ are downloaded onto any mobile device, where they can be easily accessed and used in the field.
  • Data are captured at the point of discovery. Data entry is further simplified by the use of dropdown boxes, option buttons, and predefined observations.
  • Users can take photos and video of findings in the field and tie them to observations.
  • Assessments are sent to dynaQ™, where results can be edited, printed, tracked, and managed to closure.

Offline Accessibility

Unlike other apps, an Internet connection is not required to access and use the dynaQ™ app. This is especially valuable in remote locations where a data connection has not yet been established or in facilities that do not have a consistent wireless connection.

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