Process, Program & Project Improvement

Process, Program & Project Improvement

Successful and sustainable businesses adapt to changes in their markets, economic situation, technology, and regulations. They apply documented processes and defined programs—and then improve them over time. This requires sustained efforts, as well as disciplined management and strategies to ensure that business processes, programs, and projects are constantly improving.

Process/program improvement and standardization makes operations more efficient and reliable and helps prevent unwanted surprises. It involves evaluating business and operational processes to create an approach that:

  • Reduces variability in execution
  • Produces more financial and operational results
  • Sustains the business over time

Our Approach: Optimizing Existing Operations

Process improvement does not begin with the assumption of capital investment. Rather, it begins with optimizing existing operations and then using that knowledge to develop a strategic plan.

Defining, understanding, and improving the flow within major processes, programs, and projects can be challenging. Our consultants help companies map out and improve the interconnected set of processes, sub-processes, activities, and tasks that allow the business to perform effectively. Through in-depth interviews, data analysis, application of disciplined process improvement methods, and facilitation, we further demonstrate how all areas interrelate and impact the way an organization functions. By fully understanding a process, program or project, we can help make changes that reduce variation and remove activities that contribute no value to the end product or service.

Kestrel Tellevate’s forte lies in translating strategy into execution, using process as the critical link to help organizations realize measurable results. Our fresh, objective perspective assists company leaders in analyzing, documenting, operationalizing, and sustaining process, program, and project improvements over the long term. We help companies decide on priorities for change, and then implement efficient business processes and programs that our clients can manage on their own. And we always maintain our focus on increasing efficiency and reliability without sacrificing quality, capacity, safety, or environmental responsibility.

Process, Program & Project Improvement Services

Business Continuity Planning

Creating organizational resiliency under adverse conditions

Compliance Management Program Review

Ensuring sustainable compliance with ongoing legal & other requirements


Solving non-core, exceptional issues with specialized engineering

Environmental Liability Management

Managing contaminated properties to minimize risk, drive closure

Human Performance Reliability (HPR)

Reducing the risk of human error

Information Management Suite

Creating efficiency through compliance information management systems & tools

KPI Design

Designing key performance metrics to drive continual improvement

Operational Risk Review/Management

Identifying, prioritizing, and managing operational risks

Predictive Analytics & Data Mining

Using advanced data analytics to aid in future decision-making

Safety Culture Assessment

Creating a robust & mature safety culture


Following a training-based approach to compliance