Technology Approach

Technology Approach

Kestrel Tellevate’s objective on any technology-enabled business solution we provide is to design the system and modules with the end in mind. That means considering the company’s immediate issues/needs within the context of the overall business need, and then formulating platforms/systems, as required, into an aligned system. We look at the big-picture, desired state versus the current state, and determine how technology can be used to reach that end.


We start with an assessment of IT and EHS/food safety systems and compliance to determine what the company currently has and to understand completely what the company desires. Our objective is to assess immediate concerns while anticipating future needs. The process will vary a bit depending on your company’s current state in a variety of areas:

  • Current systems and tools in use
  • Status and functionality of existing processes
  • Data sources and ability to pull information from various sources
  • Organizational complexity
  • Compliance status
  • Existing management systems

We help set priorities for development based on ease of implementation, compliance risk, business improvement, and value to the organization. We work at the pace and budget we establish with company representatives to build and integrate the modules needed, one at a time or as a fully functional system.


We use Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint as a dynamic information management tool that can be adapted and designed to capture data and provide consolidated reporting to all levels of management. One platform allows for multiple solutions that meet business and overall compliance needs, while offering the familiarity that encourages employee buy-in. Our systems are adaptable to include the solutions your company needs to address operational and compliance requirements.

Development work begins by creating the framework for the SharePoint system, where the compliance efficiency modules will be housed. Our team will:

  • Configure setup and registration of the SharePoint site
  • Model the site around elements of the organization’s existing processes
  • Work with the company to identify initial configuration, users/structure, training, and implementation scopes
  • Create corporate branding throughout the site
  • Develop a project/module implementation timeline

We then focus on providing the following management systems modules to build a fully functional system.

Working with Information Technology Departments

If a company already uses SharePoint, we can either build into the existing system, or we can create a new instance of SharePoint. To do this, we leverage the company’s Microsoft accounts to provide seamless access to the system we help build. If the company does not have SharePoint, we create an environment and “hand it over” once we have piloted system development and users are comfortable with the applications.

All applications run on a Microsoft platform—there are no external or proprietary software requirements. The system and information belong to our clients. We do not charge subscription fees or house any data. The company can make modifications or continue to retain our consultants to update and adapt the system, as needed.

The Right Tool

Working with KTL, you’re getting EHS, quality, food safety, and IT professionals who collaborate with you to design the right compliance IMS and efficiency tools for your organization. That includes the time it takes to develop, adapt, and populate your compliance IMS, including:

  • Understanding the bigger picture of where you want to go. The system is scalable and flexible, but upfront planning will enhance the outcome more efficiently.
  • Collecting and organizing the information in a way that reflects how you conduct business and that aligns with other systems/processes.
  • Offering guidance on best practice and what modules and level of customization will bring you the most value.
  • Providing as-needed compliance support (e.g., review of existing forms and checklists, program improvement, development of training content, compliance audits, audit protocol).

Compliance Efficiency Tools & Modules

Audit, Assessment & Inspection Module

Completing mobile inspections, audits, and assessments to support regulatory compliance

Compliance Management/Tracking Module

Efficiently managing compliance tasks & project activities

Document/Records Management Module

Managing documents & records electronically to go paperless


Collecting & reporting audit & assessment data electronically

Incident/Complaint/Issues Management Module

Tracking & managing incidents to improve overall performance

Information Management Suite

Creating efficiency through compliance information management systems & tools

Mobile Forms

Collecting data via mobile forms

Monitoring, Measurement & Reporting Dashboards

Displaying key information for monitoring & measurement

Permit Management/Tracking Module

Managing permits & associated requirements & due dates

Training/Learning Management Module

Tracking & managing employee training for compliance