About Us

About Us

In November 2019, Kestrel Management LLC and Tellevate LLC merged to form KTL (Kestrel Tellevate LLC) to provide enhanced compliance and management consulting services to industry and government agencies. 

Today, KTL is a multidisciplinary consulting firm that specializes in providing environmental, occupational health and safety, food safety, and quality management and compliance consulting services to help industry and government clients address their operational risks. Our primary focus is to build strong, long-term client partnerships and provide tailored solutions to address regulatory compliance requirements. 



Our staff is integrally involved on every project, offering perspective and interacting directly with our clients to reduce risks, verify compliance, and ensure business sustainability.

Organizations today face a complex web of regulations and other requirements. Learn about how our environmental, safety, food safety & quality services help meet compliance and overall operational needs.

KTL has a diverse client list and an extensive network of partners and associations we work with to ensure we are delivering the highest value to our clients on every project.