Environment, Health & Safety (EHS)


Environment, Health & Safety (EHS)

Environmental, health, and safety (EHS) management is at the root of our company. At our core, KTL has always been—and will always be—innovators when it comes to helping industry improve EHS performance and supporting ongoing regulatory compliance.

Strong EHS performance is a cornerstone of any business. Implementing and enforcing EHS policies, programs, and management systems is essential to ensure that the organization does not endanger the environment, health, or safety of workers, communities, or customers. More often than not, strong EHS performance also makes the difference in being qualified to provide services to customers or being able to sustain/expand the business.

KTL develops comprehensive EHS strategies and establishes sustainable programs that balance economic growth, environmental protection, and employee safety—concerns that will only increase as the economy, environment, energy, and human resources become further intertwined.

Our team members have rich and varied backgrounds that emphasize creating systems, making behavioral changes, and implementing processes that link business systems with effective EHS practices. Our methods focus on meeting and maintaining compliance, while:

  • Defining and helping to deploy a robust and reliable EHS culture
  • Meeting regulatory obligations
  • Minimizing impacts on the environment
  • Protecting employees in the workplace and leading the way in compliance
  • Enhancing customer confidence and business reputation
  • Realizing continuous system improvement
  • Sustaining realistic and achievable business results


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