Companies of all sizes face operational risks and challenges. KTL (Kestrel Tellevate LLC) is a multidisciplinary consulting firm that specializes in providing environmental, occupational health and safety, food safety, and quality management and compliance consulting services to help industry and government clients address these risks.

Our primary focus is to build strong, long-term client partnerships and provide tailored solutions to address regulatory compliance requirements. KTL’s services include auditing and assessments, management system development and implementation, certification support, regulatory compliance assistance, information management solutions, and risk management and process improvement.

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Creating Sustainable Impacts Part 3: Sustainable Food Management

Wasted food makes up the largest percentage—over 20%—of any one material sent to landfills and incinerators each year in the U.S. This large volume of disposed food is a main contributor to total U.S. methane emissions, a greenhouse gas (GHG) with 21 times the warming potential of carbon dioxide. Financially, wasted food costs America more...

Amendments to SQF V9: Effective October 4, 2021

In October 2020, the Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI) published SQF Codes Edition 9 (SQF V9) as the most recent edition of the SQF Food Safety Codes. SQF V9 is comprised of 13 industry-specific codes that provide step-by-step instruction for production and manufacturing sites to become SQF certified. This certification is recognized by the Global…

Preventing Lithium-ion Battery Fires

Lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) are powerful, relatively inexpensive, and lightweight energy sources that are used to power a vast assortment of electronics and portable tools. Given this, it is not surprising that the number of LIBs in circulation is continuing to increase at a near exponential rate with technology advances. Subsequently, the number of fires caused…