Companies of all sizes face operational risks and challenges. KTL (Kestrel Tellevate LLC) is a multidisciplinary consulting firm that specializes in providing environmental, occupational health and safety, food safety, and qualitymanagement and compliance consulting services to help industry and government clients address these risks.

Our primary focus is to build strong, long-term client partnerships and provide tailored solutions to address regulatory compliance requirements. KTL’s services include auditing and assessments, management system development and implementation, certification support, regulatory compliance assistance, information management solutions, and risk management and process improvement.

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Integrated Emergency Response Plans

The most effective way to respond to an emergency is to properly plan for it before it happens. That’s precisely why so many federal, state, and municipal laws and regulations require many facilities to develop and implement some sort of Emergency Response Plan (ERP). Effective Emergency Response An ERP is intended to outline the steps…

The Park Doctrine: Holding Individuals Legally Accountable

Since corporations do not act independently, the only way to hold them accountable for a violation and to enforce the law is to hold corporate directors who are responsible for the violations accountable. They may be held to the same standard as the corporation in terms of accountability (United States v. Park, 421 U.S. 658…

Tech Corner: CAPA Tracking Log

Functionality: What does it do? Corrective and preventive actions (CAPAs) are those actions an organization takes to make improvements and/or eliminate causes of non-conformities. The CAPA Tracking Log records, assigns, and tracks CAPAs to closure. This is important, as failure to implement and close a CAPA may be considered a major non-conformance. KTL’s CAPA Tracking Log also…