EHS Compliance

EHS Compliance

Businesses face a complex web of regulations and other requirements regarding their material use, supply chain, byproducts, and EHS practices, amongst many others. In today’s economic climate, it can be difficult for companies to devote the resources required to maintain compliance activities at a sustained and satisfactory level—but it is essential.

While EHS compliance is not optional, the methods of maintaining compliance are. KTL’s role is to help companies apply industry best practices to keep the environment, employees, and the surrounding community safe. We help our clients to improve EHS compliance performance and implement innovative strategies and tools to simplify compliance program management.

KTL’s Approach

Our team examines the entire workplace; determines regulatory applicability (i.e., EPA, OSHA, DOT, state, local); identifies and assesses EHS hazards and risks; and then helps our clients develop and implement appropriate processes and controls for safe and compliant operations. We understand the importance of developing and maintaining key internal controls that ensure the reliability of compliance systems and that adhere to current and pending regulations, industry standards, and other requirements.

We work to transition organizations from “catchup compliance” into compliance process improvement/program development, implementation, and ongoing maintenance. We do this by helping to manage the eight functions of compliance—identifying what’s needed, who does it, and when it is due—and implementing the appropriate resources to manage and sustain EHS compliance for the long-term.

Compliance Services

KTL is an innovator and developer of services that help industry improve performance and ensure ongoing EHS compliance. Our services include: