Compliance Assurance

Compliance Assurance

Businesses face a complex web of regulations and other requirements regarding their material use, supply chain, byproducts, and environmental and safety practices, amongst many others. In today’s economic climate, it is difficult for companies to devote the resources required to maintain compliance activities at a sustained and satisfactory level—but it is essential.

Kestrel Tellevate understands the importance of developing and maintaining key internal controls that ensure the reliability of compliance systems and that adhere to current and pending regulations, industry standards and other requirements.

Connecting Compliance to Strategy

The connection between management systems and compliance needs to be well synchronized, with reliable and effective regulatory compliance commonly being an outcome of consistent and reliable program implementation. This connection is especially important to avoid recurring compliance issues.

KTL is an innovator and developer of services that help industry improve performance and reduce costs of regulatory compliance. Some of the highest value assistance we provide our clients is in the early stages of project planning and strategy development, particularly in the sequencing of compliance and audits, management systems development, and Corrective Action Plan (CAP) management and completion. Using a systems model that is aligned with business objectives and capabilities, we optimize compliance methods and improve performance.

Following our approach allows companies to realize improvements to their compliance management and:

  • Organize compliance requirements into documented programs that outline procedures, roles/responsibilities, training requirements, etc.
  • Support compliance management efforts with technology tools that create efficiencies and improved data management.
  • Conduct the ongoing monitoring and management that are vital to remain in compliance.
  • Gain the inherent capacity, capability, and maturity to comply, review, and continually improve overall performance.

Compliance Assurance Services

Annual Reporting

Meeting regulatory reporting obligations


Improving & verifying compliance performance through routine audits

Compliance Management Program Review

Ensuring sustainable compliance with ongoing legal & other requirements

Compliance Risk Management

Mitigating & managing compliance & enterprise risks

Incident & Accident Investigation

Investigating incidents to improve business performance

Information Management Suite

Creating efficiency through compliance information management systems & tools

Regulatory Applicability Determination

Understanding what regulations apply to your business

Right-Sized Compliance

Taking a balanced approach to sustain & improve compliance management

Third-Party Oversight

Responding to regulatory enforcement-driven projects


Following a training-based approach to compliance