ISO-Based Management Systems

ISO-Based Management Systems

A management system is the framework that enables companies to achieve their operational and business objectives. The connection between management systems and compliance is vital in avoiding recurring compliance issues. In fact, reliable and effective regulatory compliance is commonly an outcome of consistent and reliable implementation of a management system.

KTL assesses, designs, implements, and improves ISO-based management systems to create improved risk management and form the basis for continual operational and business improvement. This includes quality (QMS – ISO 9001), environmental (EMS – ISO 14001), safety (SMS – ISO 45001), food safety (FSMS – ISO 22000), and many other tailored management systems.

Integrated Management Systems Approach

We recognize that each company’s management system reflects its unique culture, vision, and values. To be effective and valuable, the management system must be tailored and focused on how it can enhance the business performance of the organization. To identify this, we conduct a baseline analysis of management system elements already in place. This helps organize these elements and map the existing systems into recognizable management system structures. It also allows us to identify and understand what must be developed, what is already working well, and what opportunities for improvement exist.

A management system should be a means to better align operational quality, safety, environment, food safety, security, energy, etc. with business objectives. An integrated management system does just this. It aligns an organization’s various systems and processes into one complete framework, enabling the organization to work as a single unit to implement specific best practices organization-wide, fulfill the requirements of multiple standards, and meet a unified set of business goals.

Developing an integrated management system allows organizations add measurable and recognizable business value. It helps to:

  • Ensure risks are properly identified, prioritized, and proactively managed.
  • Optimize processes and resources and create greater consistency.
  • Improve performance and ensure operational sustainability.
  • Provide management assurance that regulatory requirements have been identified and processes are in place to achieve and maintain compliance.
  • Capture the institutional knowledge of experienced staff and ensure compliance/certification requirements are documented in a formal system.
  • Promote transparency internally and externally and establish credibility with client stakeholders.
  • Track, monitor, and measure key activities and performance metrics.
  • More effectively manage those risks (i.e., compliance, financial, legal liability, brand reputation) that could significantly impact the entire supply chain.

Management Systems Services

KTL strives to simplify management systems and improve compliance with streamlined, value-adding program management strategies and tools. Our management system services include:

  • Assessing existing management processes and programs to develop recommendations for improvement (gap analysis).
  • Performing and documenting a risk assessment of the organization’s key risks using our standard risk rating methodology.
  • Developing organization goals (objectives and targets) and action plans.
  • Developing a customized management system using the ISO standards as a general framework and integrating our clients’ existing requirements and program information.
  • Utilizing Microsoft® SharePoint® to build a complete compliance management system, which can be hosted on our clients’ existing computer networks or externally.
  • Providing cross-functional team development and facilitation
  • Providing hands-on training to managers, teams, supervisors, and other key staff in the implementation of the management system, related programs, and applicable requirements.
  • Conducting management team reviews and briefings.
  • Conducting periodic audits to test the management system’s implementation maturity and effectiveness.

ISO 9001-Certified

In addition to our management systems experience with clients, KTL is an ISO 9001-certified company. Our QMS is formal, documented, and certified by DNV. We maintain this certification to demonstrate that we have robust project and quality management processes in place to ensure the success of our projects and satisfaction of our clients. At KTL, we practice what we preach and apply the ISO methodology to everything we do.

In addition to our experience with clients, we further have intimate experience with implementing management systems as we have transitioned our own organization to the ISO 9001:2015 standard. We not only understand the importance of integrating management systems into the organization, we understand how to operationalize management systems so they contribute to business performance.