24 Oct

Lisa Langdon, P.E.

Principal, Executive Committee Member

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Areas of Expertise: Management system design and deployment, business process improvement, risk management, compliance assurance, business process analysis, audit and compliance program design, enterprise risk reduction

Education/Certifications: B.S. in Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Registered Professional Engineer

Lisa uses her 20 years of experience as a consulting engineer and project manager to assist industrial clients in management system design and deployment, business process improvement, risk management, and compliance assurance. Lisa excels at evaluating and documenting work flow to identify improvement opportunities and priorities. She routinely works with clients to design, implement, and deploy integrated management systems in the areas of quality, environment, health & safety, energy, and security. Her areas of expertise include analyzing EHS and other business processes, and facilitating the identification and implementation of prioritized improvement opportunities to ensure compliance and enterprise risk reduction.

Lisa’s experience includes in the following:

  • Facilitating the development of strategic EHS business plans, including the design and deployment of consistent EHSMS
  • Developing and deploying management systems that effectively link quality, environment, safety, and process safety into an overall system of loss control and risk management
  • Managing the improvement and deployment of comprehensive environmental audit programs
  • Reviewing and analyzing programs for operating safety performance metrics across the entire operation
  • Conducting environmental compliance audits and fast-track design and implementation of ISO 14001-structured EMS
  • Designing and implementing management program review process for improving and standardizing compliance practices across all environmental regulatory requirements
  • Developing and standardizing processes for inspection of railcars moving into the U.S. at Mexican border crossings in compliance with USDA and Custom and Border Protection (CBP) compliance agreements to mitigate proposed fines
  • Facilitating annual environmental risk reviews to identify significant risks, set objectives and targets for continuous improvement of operational controls, and guide environmental program management as part of overall enterprise risk review
  • Facilitating the analysis of program compliance with regulatory requirements; helping to identify, prioritize, document, and improve company processes and controls to improve public safety compliance assurance
  • Managing wildfire prevention program to help minimize wildfire risk through data analysis and predictive index development, prevention strategy planning, process standardization and documentation, and maintenance of regulatory requirements database

Prior to joining KTL, Lisa worked with Emcon and Conor Pacific/EFW assisting companies with all aspects of solid waste projects, from the conceptual and construction design process to cost estimating, permitting, field engineering, and monitoring.