02 Aug

Andy Smith

Partner, Senior Consultant

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Areas of Expertise: Geographic Information Systems (GIS)Google Apps, database management, task automation, data management, analysis and visualization, Microsoft SharePoint® site design and development, project management, subject matter research, environmental regulations and compliance. 

Education/Certifications: Chemical Engineering, Colorado State University.

Andy brings a strong science and engineering background to his work at KTL as an EHS Consultant and Information Management Specialist. He has 10 years of experience providing project oversight, technical support, and information technology (IT) solutions on a variety of EHS and engineering projects for a wide range of clients and industries. Andy’s keen regulatory sense, attention to detail, and willingness to take on technical challenges for every client project have made him a highly requested resource by both internal and external project stakeholders.

Through his education, background, and work experience at KTL, Andy has become an expert in various EHS regulatory programs and IT systems. He has robust capabilities in the design, development, and implementation of Google- and Microsoft SharePoint-based sites and information management tools and systems. He has specialized skills in extracting reporting and trends from datasets to create meaningful information that supports business decision making and excels at using GIS to perform mapping and diagramming to support environmental projects. Andy has working knowledge of various computer programming languages, which he leverages to focus on task automation, data analysis, and visualization.

Beyond his technology skills, Andy also has extensive experience with environmental compliance program development, including required plans and procedures, and management of complex environmental projects. He has an in-depth understanding of environmental laws, regulations, and standards and how they apply to various facilities. He routinely researches and provides guidance on regulatory developments to support clients’ environmental compliance programs.

Andy’s project work has included data management; internal process optimization; cost estimating; statistical modeling; and reviews of processes, environmental impacts, and regulatory requirements. He plays a pivotal role on projects when it comes to subject matter research and interpretation, data management, and project reporting. Some highlights of Andy’s work include the following:

  • IT Systems – Translates traditional processes into a wide range of expandable IT solutions (e.g., SharePoint sites) that improve clients’ performance, reliability, and EHS compliance. Specific applications have included training management tools, file server to SharePoint migration, and conversion of compliance checklists to paperless forms.
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) – Applies GIS practices and applications on a variety of engineering, environmental, and data analysis projects. to provide mapping and visual support. Project work has included mapping for construction support documentation; ArcMap web applications to support large-scale permit applications; and the use of GIS dataset inputs in a model predicting likelihood of fire based on past fire data, weather, and other inputs.
  • Regulatory Programs – Provides specific expertise to support environmental compliance, including the application of Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) rules and regulations and asbestos management compliance programs.
  • Project Management – Serves as project manager for a multi-national agricultural chemical company managing the operation of a closed production facility. This work has included managing staff, implementing various water treatment programs, and management of construction projects.

Beyond his client work, Andy also supports the development, implementation, and maintenance of KTL’s internal Quality Management System (QMS) certification through Microsoft SharePoint. He leads the implementation of KTL’s corrective and preventive action program related to QMS audit findings. In addition, he manages the delivery of the employee training program (KTL University). This includes providing training, administering quizzes, and tracking employee training to demonstrate compliance with ISO 9001 requirements.