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16 Oct
OSHA Log App

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Functionality: What does it do?

The Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Act requires certain employers to prepare and maintain records of work-related injuries and illnesses. Employers must keep an OSHA 300 Log and OSHA 300A Summary for each establishment or site that documents specific details when an incident occurs. KTL’s OSHA 300 PowerApp is a comprehensive intake form tailored to OSHA 300 and OSHA 300A requirements that makes it easier to collect, search, and analyze data—and maintain OSHA compliance.

Benefits: Why do you need it?

KTL’s OSHA 300 PowerApp provides the following:

  • Easier data entry. The app guides users through all required OSHA questions to help ensure no crucial data points are missed.
  • Reduced errors. The intuitive design and in-built checks reduce the chances of errors, leading to more accurate reporting.
  • Improved searchability. Microsoft Dataverse provides quick and efficient access to stored records. The digital format makes it easy to filter, search, and analyze records and data to offer deeper insights into safety performance.
  • Mobility. The PowerApp can be accessed from any device, anytime, anywhere, making the reporting process more flexible.
  • Data security. Log entries are stored safely, ensuring data integrity and security.
  • Improved visualization. Incident data can be viewed in real-time as two paginated reports:
    • OSHA 300 Log: Detailed record of work-related injuries and illnesses.
    • OSHA 300A: Summary of the OSHA 300 Log, which can be displayed prominently at workplaces.

Technology Used

  • PowerApps
  • Microsoft Dataverse
  • Power BI
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