Tech Corner: Permit Tracking

19 Jul

Technology Enabled Business Solutions

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Functionality: What does it do?

Depending on the breadth and location(s) of a company’s operations, managing permits and their associated requirements and due dates without a centralized system in place can present significant challenges: How many permits does your operating system have–and what are the associated requirements? Who is responsible? Are there key/critical dates? How do you manage all that information and verify compliance? KTL’s permit tracking tool provides a central repository to track, manage, and communicate permit activity tracking. 

Benefits: Why do you need it?

A web-based permit tracking system can help:

  • Catalog and track permits and associated requirements and timeframes in one database.
  • Manage change information.
  • Store critical documents for easy access and effective record control.
  • Send and receive notifications of permits about to expire.
  • Coordinate and communicate with project contractors.
  • Establish accountability and a standardized approach for reporting, monitoring, and performance measurement.
  • Improve permit compliance assurance reliability, efficiency, and consistency.

Technology Used

  • Microsoft Power Automate: send/receive notifications
  • Canvas PowerApp: catalog permits, trigger notifications, create user interface
  • SharePoint Lists: tracking changes, store data
  • SharePoint Document Library: store attachments, permits, contracts, etc.

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