Kestrel Teams with Measure UAS, Inc.

11 Aug
Partnership Measure UAS

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Kestrel  is pleased to announce our partnership with Measure UAS, Inc. (Measure) to provide drone program management and advisory services to companies with commercial drone operations. The expanded services created through this relationship will offer a more comprehensive array of solutions to companies who currently are or may be interested in using drones to enhance their core business operations.

Meeting Growing Needs

Drone (UAS) technology is evolving rapidly, but the industry is in its early stages. That creates many questions regarding regulations, equipment, applicability, and how drones can best help meet an organization’s specific goals. Companies are faced with the challenge of scaling a safe, compliant, and effective drone program. Lack of planning will (at best) add up to a short-lived drone program or (at worst) cause the organization undue risk or injury.

“Kestrel and Measure are working together to help companies better select and implement enterprise technology to reduce operational risk and to meet both industry and aviation-specific mandates,” explains Kestrel Principal Jack Anderson “We help effectively integrate UAS programs into core business processes and systems to bring the most value to the organization.”

Expanded Services

This strategic alliance will allow organizations with existing or planned drone programs to leverage the collective resources and expertise of the Measure and Kestrel teams, and to access a more comprehensive set of solutions to help ensure the drone program’s success. Together, Kestrel and Measure offer the following products and services:

  • Operational Risk Management and Safety Management Systems
  • Process Improvement and Compliance Assurance
  • Turnkey Aerial Inspections
  • UAS Training (Basic, Platform-Specific and Application-Specific)
  • Drone Program Management Software
  • Drone Data Analysis

“Kestrel’s approach to drone program management and overall operational risk management complements Measure’s portfolio of drone-related services and software,” explains Jesse Stepler, Chief Strategy Officer of Measure. “Together, we have the ability to bring enterprise drone programs to scale in a way that will help organizations reduce risk, improve worker safety, and remain compliant.”

About Measure UAS, Inc.
Measure is an aerial intelligence company that enables enterprises to realize the transformative benefits of drone technology. Through our comprehensive software solution, specialized data engineering team, and highly skilled flight operations, we help corporations deploy drones at scale, saving thousands of hazardous man-hours and providing millions of dollars in operational benefits. More information on the company can be found at

About Kestrel’s UAS Program Services
Since 1998, Kestrel has been delivering solutions to help companies reduce operational risks, assure regulatory compliance, and implement reliable management systems for continual improvement. Some of the highest value consulting we provide is in project planning and strategy development, particularly in the sequencing of compliance tasks and management systems development. We combine our EHS expertise with our experience developing and managing one of the largest industrial UAS programs in the U.S. to help organizations apply drones to meet company objectives, develop the systems required to ensure compliance, and minimize operational risk. More information can be found at

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