On-Demand Webinar: Food Safety Compliance & ERP

03 Aug
On Demand Webinar: Food ERP

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Food and beverage processors face significant disruptions with changing consumer demand, growing complexity in supply chains, and ever stringent food safety mandates. Today’s food and beverage processor must implement the appropriate processes and systems that not only manage recalls, reporting and document control, but also offer the flexibility to respond to changing regulatory requirements.

Ultra Consultants and Kestrel Management offer you an educational, on-demand webinar that discusses what it takes to integrate compliance programs into core business processes and systems and how to select and implement the right technology to meet strict food safety mandates.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the key food safety trends and regulations impacting the sector.
  • Get an overview of strategies to help meet and sustain food safety compliance, certifications and regulatory mandates.
  • See the must-have ERP features to help reduce operational risks, achieve food safety requirements, and realize sustained value through effective use of enterprise technology.

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