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18 Sep
customer complaints log

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Functionality: What does it do?

Whether a company sells directly to consumers or to other manufacturers, managing, monitoring, responding to, and trending customer complaints is an important part of a risk management strategy.  KTL’s customer complaints log provides a central location for companies to capture and respond to customer complaints—and then trend that data to ensure complaints are tracked to closure and any necessary changes are made to alleviate company risk. 

Benefits: Why do you need it?

A web-based customer complaints log:

  • Simplifies collection of customer complaint information via electronic forms.
  • Aggregates all customer complaints in one central database to support the management and trending of customer complaint data.
  • Documents, assigns, and tracks resolution of customer complaints.
  • Establishes follow-up action requirements and associated deadlines to ensure any required changes are made.
  • Helps manage the risks associated with customer complaints and potential recalls.
  • Meets certification standard requirements for complaint management (e.g., Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI)).

Technology Used

  • Power Apps: Creates customized forms and applications for data capture and initial complaint logging.
  • Power BI: Allows for advanced analytics, data visualization, and trending of customer complaint data.
  • Power Automate: Automates the workflow, task assignments, reminders, and follow-up actions related to complaints.

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