Tech Corner: Electronic Standards Register

23 Jun
Certification Standards Register

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Functionality: What does it do?

Certification standards are designed to ensure an organization’s customers, suppliers, and stakeholders that its products/services meet best practices. Each of these standards (e.g., ISO, GFSI, industry-specific) has a set of requirements that must be met to achieve certification. An electronic standards register organizes all of an organization’s standards requirements into an online tool, allowing for better management, tracking, and overall compliance.

Benefits: Why do you need it?

An electronic standards register:

  • Assists with compliance demonstration and document control by allowing mapping of documents to specific certification standard requirements.
  • Facilitates activities during remote or onsite audits.
  • Ensures standard version support during future updates.
  • Identifies common requirements and allows documentation to be linked between standards, as needed.
  • Allows the internal audit team to complete and keep notes for the internal audit.

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