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23 Aug
training tracking

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Functionality: What does it do?

Training is a key component of maintaining ongoing compliance—whether with regulatory requirements, supply chain mandates, or internal policies. Having a system that records employee training is critical, especially to ensure policies, procedures, and work instructions are followed. KTL’s training tracking systems allow for the centralized implementation, management, tracking, scheduling, assignment, and analysis of organizational training efforts.

Benefits: Why do you need it?

A web-based training tracking system can help:

  • Outline and document training requirements.
  • Create training plans and workflows for scheduling training and assignments by job title and function.
  • Ensure competency through online quizzes.
  • Log and track training and certifications completed—including classes, required reading, online education, CEUs, and outside certifications.
  • Track certification/training expirations and send notifications to complete training.
  • Create individual dashboards and training reports for managers and employees, improving accessibility of training expectations and records.
  • Demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements for training.

Technology Used

  • SharePoint to store the training data
  • PowerApps to record and manage course information
  • Power Automate for email notifications

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