Upcoming Coffee & FSVP Workshops: March 2019

23 Jul
Upcoming Food Workshops

Food Safety

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Kestrel Management is teaming with Firedancer Coffee Consultants
to bring you two unique training opportunities this March in Rolling Meadows, Illinois.

Space is limited, so don’t miss your chance to register now!

coffeeSpecialty Coffee Association’s Coffee Skills Program: Green Coffee Foundations: March 20, 2019

Join Firedancer Coffee Consultants for the SCA Coffee Skills Program’s one-day Green Coffee Foundations course. This introductory course covers key concepts surrounding green coffee, from growing the plant through processing, shipping, and storage, to arrival at a roastery. This course has been adapted to focus on known hazards in the supply chain of coffee, where they occur, and/or how they can be controlled or eliminated to help set the stage for the two-day FSVP course.

This is a certificate program from the Specialty Coffee Association, with a written and practical test at the end of the day. Cost of the course is $400. Use Code KM2019-25 when registering for a 25% discount on tuition fees. REGISTER NOW!

food importForeign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP) Workshop: March 21-22, 2019

The FDA is starting to inspect importers as of September 2018. It’s time to be prepared. This two-day course is focused on building plans for green coffee producers, exporters and importers, but will cover the full extent of the law. Kestrel will lead attendees through the requirements for building a FSVP. The last half day will be spent building a model plan as a group. A prerequisite class is not required for the FSVP course, but having a strong understanding of FSMA, Good Manufacturing Practices, Hazard Analysis, and Preventive Controls would be beneficial.

Cost of the course is $895 per person, which includes a workbook, templates, lunch both days, and a certificate in FSVP. REGISTER NOW!

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