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24 Apr
GHG Inventory Tool

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Functionality: What does it do?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory is a list of emission sources with the associated emissions quantified using standardized methods. KTL’s GHG inventory and reporting tool helps to organize energy use and GHG information and responsibilities. The tool factors in all fuel sources across an organization, including direct (from the facility), direct mobile, and indirect facility combustion, as well as hours worked so that all calculations can be normalized. The tool has built-in conversion factors for reported figures (so facilities report data in their original units) to metric tons of CO2e emitted, allowing the organization to track and understand GHG emissions across the organization.  

Benefits: Why do you need it?

KTL’s GHG inventory and reporting tool helps organizations to:

  • Collect, track, and manage GHG emission source data and emission trends over time.
  • Identify GHG and energy usage reduction opportunities and manage related risks.
  • Establish the GHG tracking and documentation that is essential to comply with voluntary GHG programs or mandatory GHG reporting requirements, including the new SEC climate-related disclosure requirements.
  • Measure progress towards local, regional, state, federal, and international climate goals.
  • Create a baseline of GHG data to inform the development of Climate Action Plans.
  • Evaluate the impacts of potential plant renovations, production changes, etc. on emissions. 

Technology Used

  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft Power Platform

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